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Core4Training® : Defining and Demonstrating Core Exercise
An innovative fitness program that can be used stand alone or as a supplement to enhance an existing program.
Learn it from the experts!!!!
Dr. James R. Jenkins is an established chiropractor, martial artist, body builder and certified strength and conditioning specialist

How is Core4Training® different from ordinary fitness programs?
Core4Training® increases the awareness of the core muscles and their proper utilization. Core muscles are those upper and lower muscles, essential for protecting and stabilizing the spine and torso during motion.

Improve postural stamina Stabilize and protect the spine
Improve efficiency in sport Enhance balance and coordination

Who could benefit from the Core4Training®?
Those who seek a well rounded fitness routine
Those who seek proper "core" exercise instruction

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Please remember to consult with your healthcare provider prior to undertaking any exercise program and each individual should perform these exercises with instruction from and under the supervision of a qualified professional.


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